Neato timeline control

I haven’t been able to get the Silverlight ActiveX control to work in CStudio, so I can’t use this there, but it’s still pretty nifty.  I’d like to use this along with a BSS stuffed with webcam images.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s an Ajax timeline control (and others, too.)  The author below specifically references the Simile project, which is a nice shout-out.


With this silverlight and WPF control you can create interactive timelines. The control is inspired by Simile Timeline Control (which is implemented with ajax). It is completely based on templates and styles, so it is possible to provide different style for events and timeline itself. Please suggest features and vote for the project if interested.
The control is developed under LGPL license which means that you can use xap and dll files in commertial projects at no cost to you with the only my polite request to mention on your web site. That may help other people to find the project and contribute to it.


User and developer documentation located here:


PostVerta – Roman goddess of the past

sketch of a design for a UI to allow browsing alarms and associated images, or vice versa, via a variety of navigation mechanisms.  Designed for use by pointer only, if necessary.

The red arrows mean “previous/next critical (red) alarm” and the yellow mean “previous/next warning”.  You could extend this model to incorporate add’l graphic signifiers, to ease use on non-keyboard devices.