Computing in the real world, with giant spiders

This is exactly the sort of thing that many programmers wouldn’t really think about, that is, spiders interfering with data capture.  In this case, it’s just video from atop a hotel in Appleton, WI.  SCADA developers, on the other hand, would probably have already accounted for mammals, insects, and the occasional rain of frogs in their list of possible exceptions.

Giant Spider Menaces Appleton, Wisconsin


123 Main Street, Anytown, USA – now with pictures


This is the most interesting (to me, that is) free map application I’ve seen.  You’re looking at my neighborhood in Appleton in several ways, simultaneously.

I found it because the city of Appleton links to it from their "My Appleton" site:  which is sitting on one of the canonical ESRI GIS systems (which I know only because I saw upgrade costs in the city budget docs.)


I’m updating Cygnipede and have been spending time looking at how this sort of data can be used.