The Return of the King (or is he?)

The following links serve to point out a missing feature in most SCADA systems.  One of our architectural principles is that the network is stupid, but the edges are smart.  We’re half right, because when CygNet was first written, it was next to inconceivable that sensors and RTS were untrustworthy.  There weren’t a lot of them, they were expensive, and they were difficult for crackers/criminals to access and crack.

Today, though, that state of affairs is rapidly going the way of the dodo, but we’re still trusting our senses, though perhaps we need to reconsider that.  CygNet per se is smart, but the *other* edge of the network is only smart in an idiot savant fashion.  Sure, it’s capable of sending data, but we have no way to determine whether the information we’re receiving is trustworthy.  “How can I be certain that this information is from device X, and that it hasn’t been altered?”

An aspect of future CygNet (and all SCADA systems) will be that they have ways to verify and trust the Other Edge of the Network, where the tigers live. – GPS jamming and spoofing – The King returns

London, England (CNN) — In the name of improved security a hacker showed how a biometric passport issued in the name of long-dead rock ‘n’ roll king Elvis Presley could be cleared through an automated passport scanning system being tested at an international airport. …


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