The Real Genius of CygNet

Ok – this will get filled in (extensively) after Cygnipede2 crunch week, but I wanted to get a few things down on…uh….paper.  You know what I mean. -Lynne

Multiple object-oriented databases


Instead of a single database system which is then adapted to many different schema, CygNet optimizes schema for many different SCADA objects using several highly-efficient persistent storage techniques.


  • unbelievably good performance
  • Tends to prevent gratuitous modifications of schema and meta-schema
  • Schema has been tuned over the years to very, very closely match the underlying business model


  • Inflexible in the extreme
  • You don’t understand any of it until you understand all of it.  In fairness, this is characteristic of many OODB systems
  • Not even remotely extensible unless you’re some kind of genius

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