Research In Motion – BlackBerry dev tools updated

Whilst updating Cygnipede, I noticed a new version of the Blackberry Eclipse plugin, so I cleverly downloaded it.  Oops. 

First the bad news: 

  • Everything is different.The original version kind of just perched on top of Eclipse.  Wherever you went, there was a Blackberry-specific command to accomplish most common tasks.

And now the good news:

  • Everything is different.  They’ve completely integrated BB dev activities into the native Eclipse environment, which means if you’re used to Eclipse, you’re golden.  OTOH, if you’ve just gotten there via BB dev, it’s a Brave New World.

My current work on Cygnipede involved taking all my borrowed code and wrapping try/catch blocks around everything and armoring string buffer operations to prevent overly-long strings from being sent to the Cynipede services.

I’d also updated it to provide a user message, speed, heading, and altitude:

As might be expected, wrapping all the code turned up a number of non-critical exceptions that had been going unhandled, so I’m currently fixing those, too.


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