Tired of toy and/or antique languages when dealing with SCADA?  Weep no more, cousins, for TinyCLR has your number.  It’s available with/as two kinds of boards, one compatible with Arduino pin-outs, and the other with Parallax BasicStamps.  They’re dirt-cheap, too, on the order of $100-$150.

Sample I/O devices:  Wii controller, metal detector, reflective sensor, variable potentiometer, Bluetooth (cool – we could talk to the Blackberry this way), MP3 player (as a shield board), accelerometer, IR remote emitter/detector, motor controllers

If we do another round of Cygnipede this year, I’d suggest we build it around these devices.

Welcome to TinyCLR.

Your guide to embedded systems.

Jump start your first .NET Micro Framework project with
the C# Language in minutes!

FEZ Domino and FEZ Mini are very small (open source) boards targeted for beginners. They are based on the USBizi chipset and all it’s features. FEZ offers many peripherals, such as USB host and SD interface, not available with hobbyist-targeted boards. Even though FEZ is targeted for beginners, it’s also a low-cost starting point for professionals wanting to explore NETMF (.NET Micro Framework).
FEZ stands for "Freakin’ Easy!"
FEZ offers many features not found in Arduino, BASIC STAMP and others:

  1. Based on Microsoft’s .NET Micro Framework.


Generic Serial Driver for Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform


The Generic Serial Driver lets you use Arduino and similar microcontroller boards with the Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform. You’ll be able to create your own combination of firmware and physical sensors. It’s developed in C++ and Arduino.

Their sensor protocol:



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