Least pleasant invention of my career

I was drinking a cup of coffee this morning and reading through the local paper’s website when I saw an article about sexual offenders moving into places around town.  Ick.  Interestingly, though, one of the comments led to the Wisconsin state sexual offender’s registry, where I discovered that I live a few doors down from someone convicted of second degree sexual assault of a child.  By any interpretation of the Wisconsin law, it’s not a nice thing. 

More disturbingly, more than a few of the local offenders (specifically those who’ve committed offenses against children) live very, very close to schools and parks.  At home (Albuquerque), so far as I know, this is actually against the law, but it doesn’t appear to be that way here in Wisconsin.

Barf.  My partner’s daughter “B” is 15.  It’s not clear to me how community notification works, but this was new to me.  I’d definitely like B to keep an eye out in general, but how would that be possible without being unnecessarily suspicious?

Augmented reality.  The state sexual offender registries I’ve seen have pictures of the offenders.  Based on one’s location, it would be possible to identify and tag persons in one’s vicinity using look-ups in the registries.  While facial recognition is of marginal value in law enforcement, so far as anyone is allowed to know, it’s perfectly reasonable IMO to use information like this to increase one’s situational awareness, much as you might use Google StreetView to preview areas you’ve never seen if you were planning on visiting there.

Possibly SCADA relevance:  each suspected and/or confirmed sighting of a “target” (in the general sense) would be stored to allow building a time-location database.  In the case of predators, this might help to establish research data that could help to deal with this problem using some science.  Or you just send BOLO (Be On Look Out) data to local police who might be in a predicted vicinity.

Annoyingly, I really, really dislike people who drag out the “Think of Teh ChildrenZ!!” meme, but I’d really like to use technology to help people be more aware of their surroundings, and this would be a great way to do that without having to involve law enforcement, necessarily.

I really wish that I hadn’t had to think of this.


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