IPv6 SCADA system for energy use monitoring

generic sensor node – http://www.archrock.com/products/ipsensor_node.php


Arch Rock products and technology enable new wireless sensor applications to be developed in familiar environments, delivered on a wide range of embedded hardware platforms, and integrated with the enterprise. Drawing together three major advancements: industry standard IP-based, multi-hop mesh networking, powerful embedded systems and flexible web services computing architectures, Arch Rock has not only created the foundation to network the physical world, but has now delivered a comprehensive product suite based upon that foundation – Arch Rock Energy Optimizer™ – to help meet the challenge of Green House Gas reduction.

I can’t find anything that says they’re actually producing and selling this technology, which seems odd for a company that’s gotten $15M in venture funding.

They’re doing IPv6 over Zigbee, basically, which is what 802.15.4 is


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