Invention: A Cook’s Faucet

A replacement for a faucet that, in addition to the normal lever-style action, also has a two-dial-one-button module for providing specific amounts of water at known temperatures.  I use the terms “dial” and “button” solely in their nominal senses. 

This arrangement would allow you to dial in “1 cup” at “100 degrees F” and press the button to have the desired quantity dispensed without further intervention.  A “replay” button would allow repeating the previous action.  An advanced model would allow storing commonly used settings.

This could be combined with a temperature annunciator mechanism showing the current temperature of water flowing, either via numeric or hinted display (meter or row of color-graduated LEDs).

This is almost certainly not patentable since similar functionality exists in commercial “drink bot” technologies deployed by fast-food restaurants in high-volume environments, at least insofar as the volume dispensing mechanism is concerned.

CygNet applicability:  not much, other than that this device would be straightforward to monitor and control via standard CygNet utility mechanisms and tools.


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