Dear Santas Jeff and Derek*: my CygNet wish list

This is going to be a regular thing.  In addition to putting these in the “bug” tracking system, I’m going to jot down things that would solve problems I run into using our product.  I do understand that I am not even remotely a typical user, and that I’m really concerned about the coming explosion of points/data.  This means a lot of my wish-list items are intended for a future version of CygNet that’s been designed to cope with putting the world in a box.

They’re not in any particular order, and I should hasten to point out are not complaints by any conceivable stretch of the imagination.  Some of my past items have been delivered, too, in the form of the enterprise gateway.

  • BSS
    • Hierarchical storage
    • file system driver (i.e.  accessible via URI –> cygnet://research.bss/Images/Camera001/foo.jpg
  • DDS
    • File import – not just file contents.  I’d like to be able to say, “take this file and put it in the BSS”
    • more examples, more devices, more everything
  • HSS
    • .NET interface/implementation to allow scripting in any language (e.g. Iron Python)
    • Scripting in general using Visual Studio and/or Eclipse, including debugging support
  • FAC
    • migration of the FAC into a more general type system.  I could see, for instance, merging the GRP & FAC (and perhaps TRS) services to make a single metadata service
  • General
    • replication service that actually synchronizes 2 or more service databases, regardless of type
    • .NET version of CygNet
    • ability to support multiple and/or dynamic addresses without restarting
    • much longer field lengths, especially the default value field
    • Studio replaced with Visual Studio plug-in
    • all tabular views sortable via column-heading click
      • sub-sorting via similar mechanism
    • “Hobbyist” version of CygNet preconfigured to work with increasingly common A->D/D->A devices like weather stations, One Wire sensors, USB-provided SCADA, etc.
    • More non-trivial, cradle-to-grave examples, like the MSDN stuff (e.g. Access’ Northwind Trading)
    • General support for accessing CygNet resources via URI.  Need to take a look at to see some examples of potentially faster-than-XML technology.  Exposing our services via WCF mechanisms will also allow access via non-Microsoft means.
  • ELS
    • services write logs to Windows event logs and/or support for W3C-like logging formats to allow parsing by system management tools
  • MSS
    • finer grained resolution of timers
    • support for distributed/cloud execution
  • ACS
    • Much tighter and more comprehensive integration with external security mechanisms, especially Active Directory
  • ARS
    • hierarchical/graph trees
    • round-robin resolution (only effective after repli-synch is available, to support cloud-based storage/retrieval)
  • TRS
    • merged into the ARS
  • GNS
    • general support for delivery via RSS and similar mechanisms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)

*and Doug and Steve and Chris and Tom and everyone, actually.


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