Blob Librarian: Conceptual Architecture

Conceptual* architecture of a next-generation BSS optimized for storing image/media BLOBs.  More than BLOBs, really.  More like GOBs (Ginormulous OBjects, and yes, that’s really a word.  Really.  Really.)

In CAs, despite there being separate ‘server’ icons, functions like the Dropbox and the Library might really be on the same box, part of the same service, or both.  This cartoon-style drawing is just to delineate the process-level functions.

The "Library” seems like it’s a support service for the “Librarian”.  It would be built as a CygNet service, but no one except a Librarian would interact with it.  Its only job would be to manage the “stacks”, where objects are stored. 


  • Green lines: control messages
  • Blue lines: data messages


*Using my architecture nomenclature: Conceptual-Logical-Functional-Physical-Operational


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