BlackBerry – smartest brick on the block

I woke up my BB Storm yesterday and it said there was an OS update available, and would I pretty please install it?  It’s the 5.0 upgrade, which does have some nifty new features where Cygnipede is concerned, so I let the upgrade proceed.

After the “upgrade”, the BB powered up and…what?  It’s just sitting there with a scary icon and the message “Reload Software : 507”.  Oh no.  Not again.  Last year I bricked Chris Smith personal phone doing an OS upgrade from Verizon.

Except…you can’t.  The Desktop Manager doesn’t recognize that a device is plugged in, which is how you load software.  Catch 22.

As it turns out, Googling for this message turned up a frighteningly large number of people with the same problem.  The general response from carriers is seemingly to replace the phone, but several hours of searching on some phone hacking boards turns up useful advice.  Download the old operating system from the carrier and run the installer, which would be useful advice, except Verizon only posts the current one.

So I download it and run the installer and it hangs.  Reboot and unplug all my USB devices might look like a phone.  Run the installer, and 15 minutes later, the BB is alive again.  Pretty cool, even though Verizon support didn’t know anything about this (in their online resources), but that’s par for the course.

It looks as though the installer has some way to interrogate USB ports directly and that the device knows when it has no OS and is smart enough to be able to load the OS binaries via USB.


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