BlackBerry Development – don’t plug in that phone

<many bad words>

Ok, I admit it, I’m spoiled by Microsoft development environments, where things tend to work, even the crappy ones like Windows Mobile.

I’ve just spent the entire morning (during Cygnipede Crunch Week, no less) trying to figure out why the simulators would no longer run and why the devices, when plugged, are neither visible nor charging.  Sounds familiar, I know.

It appears to be the case that if you have BBDevMgr running, *and* you have a physical BB plugged in, *and* you try to a simulator, that Bad Things Happen.  Mysterious BT, no less.  So, yeah, time to reboot to deconfuse the BB software.

  1. This all got started because I’m doing cycles of the UI, trying to get the actions working correctly.

On the good side, I’ve gotten the UI completely split out, and it’s actually a midlet, which means I can use the NetBeans UI builder.  What?  Why don’t I use the GUI builder in the RIM JDE?  It doesn’t have one.  Well, you say, what about Eclipse?  No GUI builder.


I’m rebooting now.  Again.


…ANNNNNNNND….again.  Looks like every few connections, BBDEVMGR gives up the ghost.  And you have to reset the entire device when you add/remove the test application.  The simulator has mysteriously stopped connecting to the debugger, saying only “connection refused”.  Dammit.


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